These are different spiritual projects that can be freely funded once the need is recognized through a simple responding heart. Anybody can self-promote a project and share it on the social networks. (See About us for details)

[Closed Projects]
Name Project name Total cost Progress Details project Share project Project costs Description
Dustin DiPerna Bank of Spirit - USA 0

A point of light for Bank of Spirit USA
Edoardo Conte Branches of light 30000

Center for education and workshops
Max Vietri World Networking site ( 10000 EUR
Download Free , transparent ,world networking site, no central authority
Max Vietri World Spirituality Center 8400 EUR

Funds for 12 months of a project that will set up a World Spirituality Center for people from all different spiritual traditions.
Max Vietri Further Cedercrans material 12000 EUR
Download Last piece of Cedercrans material in Italian
Max Vietri FUNDS FOR NEW ZEALAND 2012 Sep 24 - Oct 2 24000 EUR

Funds to help bros/sisters for travel expenses, accomodation, etc
Mona Jaweed Seeds of Shamballa September 2012 3500 EUR

Proietto Shyamasundara Temple of sound 50000 EUR

It should be a place where the universal sound will be canalized and incremented through the specific structure of the temple. In such a way people inside and arround the temple will be greatly benefitted.
Proietto Shyamasundara School of the golden age 15000 EUR

A place where all the antique traditions can be studied and compared with one another. A place of spiritual & theological debates, conferences and of experiencing.