We provide a virtual networking space for groups and individuals within the broader trans-himalayan spiritual tradition.

This project tries to reveal what already is - the growing planetary grid - so that we can see ourselves as a community more clearly and find ways to deepen our cooperation and communion.


Q: I want to join , what to I have to do ?
A: Just sign up for free and start interacting with other groups/individuals.

Q: I don't know what to put for my rays , are they mandatory ?
A: It's all experimental work, you can insert them the best you can or not at all.

Q: I have organized an event and would like to share it, can I do it ?
A: Yes, we can broadcast it on the conference page, you would need an internet connection (adsl) and a webcam.We can also put it in the calendar, just email us.

Q: Do I have to sign up again in the Community section ?
A: Yes, the current Ning site that hosts the community does not allow us to access their database so you would need to take few moments and re-sign up with them also.

Q: Who is in charge of all this ? Who takes decisions ?
A: No one really.We are attempting to move like a flock of birds, there is no central authority and limited moderation only where necessary.

Q: Who is paying for all this ?
A: It's all voluntary donations based on the "dictates of the heart" which are creating reservoirs of money around the world. When the heart is awakened it will respond naturally.

Q: What is coming next ?
A: Who knows ?! Will be fun to find out ;)

One thing is for sure : Here anyone is totally free to contribute his own piece as best he can without anybody hovering over them.Only voluntary mutual responsability can be expected.

Namaste brothers.